Monday, June 27, 2016

Free Dog Toy!

Free Dog Toy!

Free Dog Toy!

Free Dog Toy!

Free Dog Toy!

Dog Blog Post #2192

Every box of sodas comes with a free dog toy on the outside!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1701. "New Again"

Our Daily Challenge - June 26, 2016 - "Reuse or Recycle"

Free Dog Toy!

All of the above are of Zachary.

Yes, Henry got a shot at the box.

He actually had the box first.

But his laid-back approach wasn't nearly as as photogenic as Zachary's.

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Furries said...

That's a funny series of photos. I wouldn't expect Zachary to be so interested in an empty box but I guess the shape is fun for him to play with.

BZ Dogs said...

The boys love to rip/shred boxes, as well as play keep-away with them. I think the destruction is the prime motivator :)