Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hot Dog

Hot Dog
Henry: (pant pant pant)

Hot Dog
Henry: (pant pant pant)

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I'm thinking this was Henry's impression of the day.

The fact it was actually a tad cooler than yesterday, topping out at "just" 97F, is no consolation to my well-furred pup.

Of course being INDOOR dogs (yay air conditioning!) he actually stayed below 80F - other than the occasional visit out back to take care of business.

But when you think anything over 60F is hot you're going to be in for a long summer.

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Pant Pant Pant
Henry: (pant pant pant)

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Henry's tongue with water droplet is a great close-up photo.
The close-up of Henry's upper lip always reminds me of a walrus. You posted something similar a few days ago and I thought the same thing.
I agree that summer in northern CA is going to be miserable this year. Hopefully the A/C doesn't break down.