Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday

Somebody very special has a Birthday today, and the boys were so excited to be invited to the party.

Happy Birthday
Zachary: "Thank you for inviting us!"
Henry: "Happy Birthday!"

Once there, they did the typical Birthday Party things.

They gossiped for a while...

Happy Birthday
Zachary: "Did you hear what Miss Kitty did when the delivery man..."

Smiled for pictures...

Happy Birthday
"Cheesy Burgers!"

Tried not to look bored or complain when the speeches ran long...

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday
Zachary: "Is it time to eat yet?"
Henry: "I will if you will."

And then finally, when it seemed they could wait no longer...

Happy Birthday

Dog Blog Post #1027

Oh what fun - the boys were invited to a Birthday Party for someone very special down at Le Petit Chaton - Miss Kitty's newly opened Treat Shop.

Looks like they had the typical Paper sign, wishing a Happy Birthday, plus paper hats, a paper gift bag with tissue paper, and cookie-filled paper cups on paper doilies.

It's amazing how much of our world is Paper

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 20, 2013 - "Paper"

Daily Dog Challenge "537. "Paper"

In the Funnies

Happy Birthday

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GOOSE said...

You two have more restraint than me I would have dove right in to the goodies right away.

Talking-Dogs said...

Love, love, love this photo story! You should enter our Jeffie's Birthday Party photo contest! We'd love to have you two at the party!

Unknown said...

Wow you both are so patient. I'd be drooling all over those cakes in a blink of an eye. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

This is so fun! We would have gobbled up those snacks right away!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! What a FUN story photos. Oh those cookies looks DELISH! YUMMY! Happy SUNDAY. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! They seem perfectly comfortable on 'set'.

Unknown said...

What unbelievable self-control these two baby boys have! Great photos as always!!!

Teddy said...

You both demonstrated tremendous restraint, uh, manners, in not digging into the cookies right away. Good on you!