Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unraveling a Crime

Detective Henry: "Kitty said she found the cookies on the floor. Perhaps..."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "... a hungry vagrant spied Kitty trying to pick up the cookies."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "Enticed by the gourmet treats..."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "... he just couldn't resist."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "Or maybe it was one of the local swells, out on the town..."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "... and hungry."

What's This?
Detective Henry: "Really hungry."

Dog Blog Post #1020

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 13, 2013 - "Indulgence"

Daily Dog Challenge "530. Make It Interesting - Think about the background in your photo today and choose something that adds to the photo of your dog and makes it more interesting today!"

Editor's Note

For something a bit different, I decided to put the boys in the background (for the Daily Dog Challenge) and have Kitty in focus.

My favorite shot for that effect was the second one, below Detective Henry's portrait.

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Sue and Doug said...

very interesting indeed! the boys and the kitty sure make for good blog subjects!

Unknown said...

Grab the cookie Henry and run we say. Have a super Sunday and we hope it is a chillaxing one.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

I'm with Molly...grab n run! Save some for Zachary too!

Flea said...

Omigoodness. Naughty kitty. I just know that Kitty is fully responsible for this heinous and reprehensible crime. Thievery.