Friday, April 12, 2013

Crime in the City

A crime is committed

Conspiracy Theory
The investigation begins

Conspiracy Theory
A secret shared

Unlikely Pair

Unlikely Pair
Realization dawns

Dog Blog Post #1020

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge "529. Unconventional"

Our Daily Challenge - April 12, 2013 - "Dutch Angle"

Unlikely Pair
But wait - what's this?

Blast from the Past

And just in case you didn't get enough Flower Power in yesterday's post, here's another (previously unpublished/unposted) shot...

Flower Power
Flower Children

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Sue and Doug said...

a crime?..say it isn't so! who stole the cookie jar?

GOOSE said...

What What, what is it? Oh a mystery, I love those.

Unknown said...

Yes what was the crime? Did it involve foodables? Yikes we are the edge of our chair wondering. You got to let us know. Have a super flower power Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

whodunit??? Was it the kitty?

Anonymous said...

Great series... did you catch the bad guy?

Anonymous said...

I just love that pic in the blue hats! Just great!

Mystery. Scandal. I eat it all up!

SlimDoggy said...

Very cute - and great photography!

Sage said...

Nothing better than a good mystery!

Sage said...

Nothing better than a good mystery!

Unknown said...

Almost spit out my rootbeer! That is like the funniest pix EVER!!! And then I love the flower power pix!Would you ever let me print two of those in a 5x7 to keep on my desk at work? Those two crime face and flower power would just make me smile every time I saw them! My email is dogloverofmaxATgmailDOTcom, I'm totally serious!