Friday, April 19, 2013


Henry: "Momma, shouldn't I be facing the other direction?"

No, sweetie. Today we are trying to demonstrate a Vanishing Point.

Henry: "My rump is vanishing to a point?"


Vanishing Point
Zachary: "You do realize you have me pointing the wrong way, don't you?"


Oh my goodness, Zachary,  I hadn't notice.

Vanishing Point
Zachary: "I can't work under these conditions."

Dog Blog Post #1026

Despite taking a fair number of shots, I never got quite the angle from the boys that I was looking for.

The problem of being lone photographer with living subjects, I suppose.

In the top shot, Henry's nose was turned just a little bit too far away from the camera to be the Vanishing Point I was hoping for. In the shot below it, he was turned a bit too far towards the camera.

Zachary's shots suffered from various positioning ills as well.

At least the boys' coats look rich, golden and (for Henry at least) wonderfully lush (if you aren't the one who has to sweep up after him), and hopefully qualify as Beauty Found.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 19, 2013 - "Vanishing Point"

Daily Dog Challenge "536. Beauty Found - Take a photo of your dog that you think is beautiful! "

In the Background

I'm really happy with a recent pair of fabrics I picked up, the one above a brown Batik and its blue version shown in yesterday's Shocking! post.

At $12 a yard - and I need 2 yards - it was a well outside my preferred price range for background fabrics. However, I lucked out and found it 2/3 off on close-out.

Finally, a rich blue fabric that doesn't turn the boys a weird color and the brown manages to both blend into the background yet bring out their golden tones.

Return of Flower Power

Just when you thought I'd finally run out of Flower Power shots, we have Zachary...

Flower Power

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GOOSE said...

Dog oh dog do you two have the thickest lushy furs.

Unknown said...

OMD your furs are fabulous. Have a super groovy Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

The boys do have the most lovely fur! And, the cutest rumps!

Unknown said...

Cute! Love the fabric in the last pic!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dogs! Love the fabric in the last pic! Flower Power

Talking-Dogs said...

Definitely "Beauty Found!" What gorgeous fur :-)

SlimDoggy said...

Nice photography, well done.