Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat Chasing

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Henry: "Hey Momma, I rock at this Cat Chasing video game."

You do realize you are playing in two player mode...

.... with just one player.

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Henry: "So that's why the kitties never run."

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Henry: "Me-ow, can't catch me now!"
Zachary: "Better tree or you'll be eaten by me."

Dog Blog Post #1031

Amazing the inventions kids have these days that I never had as a kid.

As for these two - where you see one, you always see the other.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 24, 2013 - "Inventions"

Daily Dog Challenge "541. The Ties That Bind - Take a photo of your dog that shows a connection of some kind today!"

Time Passes...

Good game?

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"The best!"

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Hmm... I wonder where Miss Kitty is?

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Unknown said...

Love it. That has inspired me. Off to chase the real thing. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

GOOSE said...

With the video game you won't get cuts or scratches on your nose like i did.

Unknown said...

I am always amazed at how Zachary and Henry will agree to the poses! That's just too cute!!

Sue and Doug said...

love the paw over paw shot!!..true 'love'!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am super amazed at how long they stay in their poses! Great pics!

Flea said...

Oh noes! Did Miss Kitty wind up in the game, being eated by doggies?

I love their hats. :) And the background.

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

LOL I think the boys look very amused with their hats!

Sage said...

I'll clearly not tell Sage the boys are playing a cat chace game. She'll want one next!

houndstooth said...

I adore this whole series! I think a cat chasing game could catch on in a big way here. Morgan and Kuster are asking where they can buy one!