Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flower Power

Flower Power

Flower Power

Dog Blog Post #1019

Sorry, I probably should have warned you to wear shades.

Photography Assignment

Peace and Love - sounds likes a Golden Retriever to me!

Daily Dog Challenge "528. Inner Star"

Our Daily Challenge - April 11, 2013 - "Album Cover"

Slightly Less Blinding?

Flower Power

The Originals

Flower Power

Flower Power

Yes, believe it or not, the background is real.

I picked the fabric up this weekend On Sale! I figured I'd trot it out next time somebody threw "Rainbow" or "Vivid" or "Bright" at us.

When I told Hubby about the great deal I got on it (2/3 off) he replied, "I can see why." :)

The Special Effects were done in Comic Life 2, mostly so I could get that groovy font.

Q and A

Sugar the Golden Retriever asked if I actually bought a roll of "warning restricted area" tape for yesterday's Dogs At Work post, and the answer is: No.

The cones and tape were pilfered from one of Hubby's bins out in the garage and were originally purchased for Capture the Flag many moons ago. I knew the cones were there, but the tape was a pleasant surprise in the bottom of the bin.

As it is extremely rare for me to have time to purchase props for a shoot, given my 24 hour turn around time, most items are scrounged from whatever I can find in the house - and pretty much everybody's stuff is fair game. :)

I think locating props is part of the fun, and many an evening I'll be strolling around the house chanting the challenge of the day seeking inspiration (e.g. Album Cover, Album Cover, Album Cover...)

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Unknown said...

Have a fabulous flower power groovy Friday. Peace!
Best wishes Molly

GOOSE said...

Gravey..... er I mean GROOVY!

Anonymous said...

Far out man! Love it!

houndstooth said...

I love your final results, although I think I like the second one a little better than the first because of how the ribbon makes those lines around him. You did another great job on the challenges today!

Sage said...

Cool!! All you need is a little tie dye now.

Unknown said...

Love those groovy flower pups!