Monday, March 12, 2012

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Dog Blog Post #625: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was...

133. Under - Be it a tree, blanket, the weather, or something else - let's see your dog physically or metaphorically under something!


Our Daily Challenge - Mar. 12, 2012 - "Cool"

Making for a rather obvious setup...

Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Getting them together on their puffy pillow was easy, as keeping them OFF the pillow while I'm setting things up is always a problem.

Pillow + Camera = Cookies

... and Henry can spot that equation a mile away.

Getting Henry to put his head down is also easy, as I rewarded the behavior when he puppy class as a way to keep him focused on me, and it's always been one of the first behaviors he throws for the camera.

At some point Zachary picked up the behavior (no doubt seeing how profitable it was) and will usually follow Henry's lead by putting his head down.

I do have a hand signal for it - my hand lowering slowly to the ground, and once the dog's heads are down, I give a stay signal and slowly back away to take the picture.

Blue Monday

The shot above was the last one in the batch, and occurred after I had pulled the comforter off and was getting ready to clean up. Neither dog showed any signs of wanting to budge (remember, Camera + Pillow = Cookies) and just snuggled there.

I shifted Henry's head slightly more towards Zachary, and then snapped one more picture.

Yes, Henry is becoming a bit like Gumby when it comes to positioning his head, although I had no luck with him yesterday getting his paw on the rag (although paw over stuffy today was just peachy).

Zachary's fine with with me moving his feet, but remains "stiff" after I move his head and it shows that way in the pictures.

And oddly enough, despite the fact that was a brand new Lacrosse Ball (in honor of Zachary's 4th Birthday today!) he did lay quietly beside it.

When all was done we broke out some Peanut Butter Frosty Paws, tossed the ball around, and everyone had a good time.

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Sue and Doug said...

nice under cover shots today as always...and a very happy birthday to your boy, Zachary!..he is one lucky golden to have found you and your family!

zeeFM said...

how comfortably snuggly they look =D happy barkday to zac!

What Remains Now said...

These pictures are sweet beyond words.

Sheltie Times said...

You two are just amazingly cute.

houndstooth said...

Happy Birthday, Zachary! I hope it was a great day for the Golden Boy!

Those pictures are just beyond sweet! I love how they will curl up with each other like that!