Sunday, March 11, 2012

Red Solo Cup

Red Solo Cup

Dog Blog Post #623: Did you know that Saturday was Vivid day?

Nope, I didn't either.

At least, not until I started flipping through the flickr groups to see what the challenges were:

Daily Dog Challenge "131. Vivid Hues" - Take a picture of your dog today that features vivid colors!

Scavenge Challenge March 2012 - "17. Conversely, make an image dominated by bright, vivid colors."

Our Daily Challenge - Mar. 10, 2012 - "Vivid"

But it was a busy day, between the boys being at the Day Spa and son being in a Lacrosse Game, so I didn't have time to think about Vivid until well into the late afternoon. As usual, when stuck for ideas, I walked around the house chanting the key or phrase.

Three guesses what I was chanting today.


Chanting can make one thirsty, you know. So I paused in my so-far fruitless search for Vivid to pour myself a cold one.

Soda, that is.


In a Red Solo Cup.

A bright Red Solo Cup.

A Vivid Red Solo Cup.


Now, those who might not have seen Toby Keith's video "Red Solo Cup" might question my prop choices here. If that describes you, and you wish to see my muse, you can find it numerous places on web. It's also shown fairly regularly on CMT (Country Music Television) on cable.

The text that went with this shot?

I caught the boys in a "Red Solo Cup" moment…

Oh, they are soooooo busted!

Surprising moment of the day? It was ridiculously easy to put the cups on the boys heads. Yes, I did it once before. No, I don't remember it being this easy. But really, I just took the cups, popped them on their heads, and they (the dogs and the cups) just stayed there. For multiple shots. The boys appeared oblivious.

Perhaps they were just in shock.

Or hoping I'd crack open one of those beers.

The truly observant amongst you might recognize those very cans from a picture I shot last July...

As American As...

To be honest, I haven't the slightest idea why we bought the Bud to begin with, as neither of us drink it, but it sure makes for a colorful Vivid prop!

(Hubby prefers Sam Adams and Gordon Biersch. I'm a Moosehead fan, although it's been years since I've had one as I usually just stealing a sip or two of whatever hubby is drinking. Hmm... does sound good, though. Might have to pick some up tomorrow!)

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Sue and Doug said...

Cheers!! the Solo cups!!

houndstooth said...

Oh, I'm cracking up! You're killing me, although it doesn't take much with all this medicine in me to get me going. Now I have to go look for that song, though...