Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bath Time

Bath Time

Dog Blog Post #616: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was...

124. Water, Water, Everywhere - Take a photo of your dog that features water in some form today.

... and while it's hardly everywhere, perhaps in a dog's eyes it seems that way when it's bath time.

Then again, as it's the boys regular visit to the Day Spa that keeps them soft and clean, they really had little to fear today.

Scavenge Challenge March 2012 - "5. Don't get your camera wet. It's bath time! Have fun with this one, please."

Our Daily Challenge - Mar. 3, 2012 - "Classic" - What could be more classic than a picture of your kid during bath time, complete with suds on their head?

This was certainly a challenge, as the bathroom isn't overly large and reflections are everywhere.

Then there is the problem of getting Zachary where I wanted him, looking where I wanted, and staying that way until I got the shot.

If you look REALLY closely, you'll see selfies abound (that blue blob in the middle of the faucet reflection) showing that I was standing outside the tub, beside the camera (on tripod), leaning over the edge of the tub with cookies in hand to get Zachary to look where I wanted him to.

There is a dearth of Henry's today, as he had no interest in today's assignment.

112 Pictures in 2012 - "#4. Bubbles"

Admittedly, the bubbles didn't show up well against the creamy wall. Might have to try this one again this year.

If it wasn't for wanting to use this for "bubbles", I might have choose the shot below as a favorite...

Bath Time

... as I like Zachary's head tilt and ear positions better.

However, since this was the first time I'd tried taking a shot in the bathroom, and I wasn't quite sure what the boys were going to think about it, I decided to go slow and add in components (first just the tub, then the tub with water running, then the tub with water running and suds on the head.)

The good news, is that by the time I got to suds, Zachary had figured out what I wanted from him with respect to his body position.

The bad news is that the novelty had warn off and you can see that in his face. Well, I can. He was still having a great time, and was rather bummed when we finished, but there is an "Oooo, what's this?" that's present above but missing in the top shot.

And where was Henry in all of this?

No Way, No How
Henry: "No way. No how!"

In fairness, I did manage to get him to put his paws up on the tub with the water running using plenty of cookies for encouragement, but he would only stay there if I stayed there. As soon as I backed out of the frame, he did the same.

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What Remains Now said...

I had to chuckle when I saw the subject for today's pictures because as I'm typing this, the Greyhounds are getting their baths thanks to my husband.

Ruth said...

Maybe the boys will be more enthusiastic about the award I've got for them here:

Pup Fan said...

I'd never be able to convince Bella to hang out that close to a potential bath!

Sue and Doug said...

every puddle and lake and creek is a 'bathtub' to our boy!!.great shots..and happy spa day to your two boys!!

houndstooth said...

I'm still laughing about Henry's reaction! Zachary really looks totally adorable in these shots, though!