Thursday, March 15, 2012

Terse Thursday

My Ball

Dog Blog Post #627: It is Lacrosse season, those three months of the year where little of meaning is accomplished as time is filled with son's practice and games. Soooo... without further ado, as I'm tired and cold and it's late, I give you...

Daily Dog Challenge "135. Stuffies and Toys - How does your dog feel about stuffies and toys? Is there a favorite? Are they well-loved or treasured? Show us today with a photo!"

(Yes, just one challenge today, and the shots were taken in a complete rush right before we left to go to the game. Many thanks to the Challenge Selection Committee chairwoman for taking pity on a poor busy mom.)

While Zachary's world revolves around the Lacrosse Ball, Henry prefers stuffies.

Us walking in the house sends him scrambling for either Big Ball or Woolie Man (as shown in yesterday's Pup Tent pictures) - seemingly without preference - before the greeting can commence.

Today was Big Ball's turn, and after an appropriate amount of wiggles, wags, and wooing, he (and his stuffie) took a turn about the yard, as shown here.

This is clearly something deeply satisfying for him - no doubt an expression of those retriever genes.

My Ball

My Ball

My Ball

My Ball

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zeeFM said...

cant decide if the ball is fluffier than henry !

houndstooth said...

He looks like he's found the best treasure in the world! I hope The Precious Puppy never changes!

Sue and Doug said...

so precious..ours brings us a stuffie when we get home too!!

Sheltie Times said...

That brought back memories. That was Bailey's favorite ball until we retired it recently. I just couldn't repair it any longer.