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Dog Blog Post #621: In truth, the real turn of affairs was a wee bit different than the story presented pictorially, above. In fact, it went something more like this...

Daily Dog Challenge "129. Au Naturel - Take a minimalist shot of a dog just being a dog today!"

Our Daily Challenge - March 8, 2012 - "Brown"

I could just have easily posted this one for the "Will Work For _____" challenge, as Henry just adores paper drink carriers.

His daily pattern is to wait (barely) until we have placed the empty container near the edge of the table, and then neatly pluck it off and scamper off into the other room to rip and shred his treasure.

Figuring this behavior would do well for both "being a dog" and "brown", I came home today with the carrier as usually, but placed it smack dab in the middle of the table - well out of range.

I walked to the other side of the room to grab the camera, turned around, and there was Henry, reared up, with his front legs stretched out across the table, trying to reach the carrier.

"Eh hem, Henry?"

Henry begrudgingly gets down, then runs over to the sofa (on the left) and climbs up on it to get a better view of the situation.

Poor guy!

So I got on the opposite side of the table, camera in hand, slid the carrier across the table - and he was gone, leaving nothing but a lousy picture of his chest.


Retrieved carrier from a now very sad looking Henry. Set up again. Slid it across the table again.

And he just stood there, staring at me.

"OK, Henry!"


"OK!!!! Henry!"


Nudged the carrier a bit further, and then he grabbed it and was gone!


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Sue and Doug said...

oh Henry! are just so precious!!

houndstooth said...

Henry, I can't imagine anybody making the Precious Puppy fret like that! You are just too cute, and I am glad you finally got your treasure!