Thursday, March 24, 2011

Golden Layers

ds493 - Golden Layers

Dog Blog Post #275: Glad folks enjoyed yesterday's Wordless Wednesday shots. The associated Daily Shoot assignment was...

Illustrate the rule of thirds in a photograph today.

#ds492 - Howdy!... and the pictures were shot against the stretchy black velvet fabric. The hardest shot to get was the cowboy hat picture, which was also my favorite. Not only was it hard to get it framed with Zachary in roughly the right spot on the side, as my little point-n-shoot lacks guidelines, but getting the hat to simply sit on Zachary's head (without falling off) was a huge challenge!

The other three were a piece of cake in comparison, with nothing more to them than one would imagine. Yes, I do have a few shots of Henry with the hat, but none were well framed. Perhaps I'll upload them on a dull day. :)

On to today's Daily Shoot assignment:

Make a photograph today that uses layers as a compositional tool.

Huh? Layers? What?

As this made no sense to me, I waited for the "early returns" to come in to point me in the right direction, and it seemed folks were taking this literally instead of in some strange, metaphysical photography sense.


I could do that.

As it was yet another rainy day, the first thing that came to mind was a layer of coats...

ds493 - Layers

... I didn't even bother with "The Set" this time. I just rested the backboard against some furniture and draped the tie-dye green fleece over it - doesn't green say "rain" to you? :)

Add a few hungry dogs, some coats, and ta-da! Layers!

After a few of shots of that, and with a few extra minutes to burn, I started taking close-ups and near-close-ups. Somewhere amongst those I ended up with the shot up top, which was ultimately the one I uploaded.

I have no idea if it says "layers" to anyone else, but it did to me. In a perfect world, I would have had a bit more light to work with. But the sun was going down, the window was growing dark, and there's not much I could do about that!

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FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

You have more patience than my Human. She just points the camera at something that strikes her fancy and goes "snap, snap, snap, snap". Sometime something somes out, sometimes nothing.

I'll see if I can upload some of her misses tomorrow. A couple people have asked her for hints...she can't give them, cause she has only luck to account for a good picture.

Don't tell her what I'm going to try to do!
Hawk aka BrownDog

Amber-Mae said...

Those are some wild "cowlicks" on Henry! I remember the time when River had cowlicks all over his topline area. Hoomie Melissa would place a heavy, damp chamois towel on his back to tame them. She does this before he goes into the ring. Now he's almost 2 years old & he doesn't have them anymore but now his coat has a very distinct "ocean-soaked windblown" look to it which is kinda nice actually...

Pup Fan said...

Looks like layers to me! I saw that assignment and was a little confused too. (real life precluded me from finishing the assignment... boo!)

houndstooth said...

Great layers today! I'm surprised you didn't try to layer a dog pile! :P I know, even as I joke about it, how hard that would be to do! I really like that top shot, too! It's rather artsy, which I like.