Monday, March 28, 2011

New Horizons

ds497 - Horizon

Dog Blog Post #278: I love it when "outdoorsy" assignments fall on the weekends.

Today's Daily Shoot assignment was...

The horizon can be a strong composition element. Make a photograph that emphasizes the horizon today.

... and given it was actually not raining, it gave hubby and I and excellent excuse to go check out some of the arroyos to see how they were fairing after all that rain.

We struck out on our first stop, as a low fence had been placed along the banks, perhaps to suggest to local citizenry to stay away (swirling muddy waters must hold quite the alure.) While the fence was only a few feet high, my dog is also only a few feet high, so it wasn't going to make for a pretty picture.


We struck out on our second try as well, not even making it to the "stopping" part, as the gate was closed and padlocked. A bit further up the road we could see why, as that rushing creek was well over its banks, totally obscuring the paths that follow it.


Third time's the charm. This time I figured I'd just get some nice pictures with green green hills (and that all important horizon) in the background - see the picture at the top of this post - and call it a day, but since the weather was pleasant (if a bit overcast) we followed the trail a bit and ended up at Yet Another Arroyo (yes, we have lots around here) and this one, while full and rushing, was still running within its banks.

We stopped on the bridge to get the shot below...

ds497 - Horizon

... my favorite shot of the day. If you look really closely, you can just make out a mallard taking off from the water. (No, I didn't plan that. I didn't even notice the bird until I looked at the shots at home.)

Henry was a bit worried about the rushing water (a good thing, in my opinion) and it took a few minutes and a few cookies to get the shot, but it was worth it.  :)

And then there is the shot of Henry saying, "Are you nuts???" to hubby's suggestion to join him on the big stump near the water...

Smart Dog

(You tell me who the smart one is in that picture!)

Henry had a lovely time. Got to see some horses. Ignored them. Got to see some dogs. Sniffed noses, but otherwise ignored them as well.

Got to see some people nearly go for a swim after their dog ran off and headed for the water. Apparently, they believed they had a good recall, as they were walking the dog with the leash dragging on the ground. Apparently, they were wrong, as the dog said a pleasant, "Hi!" to Henry then took off across the bridge, without so much as a backward glance and rounded the corner to go into the creek.

Thankfully, the dog was caught before entering the water, but it reaffirmed my belief that I should be holding the end of the leash until I am sure my dog will recall...

... which, given my pessimism about recalls, will probably be never.

See... lookie there. Two weeks of "outdoor" shots in a row. Will I make it to three? Stay tuned next week!

(And you thought the camera never left the house!)

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Pup Fan said...

I like the photos you took! I was a slacker this weekend... oops!

houndstooth said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a chance to get out a little this weekend and unwind, too! It sounds like you've needed that. :) That diffuse light just makes Henry look so soft!

Don't you love seeing other people prove your feelings right? lol I'm glad the people and the dog were okay!

Amber-Mae said...

Very nice!!!

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Kathleen I'm so glad I came to get caught up on all your daily shoots!!! I LOVE these shots. What a great walk that must have been. The color is gorgeous and henry is getting so big! He has the loveliest face.:) Does this mean you have miles for me to update? No pressure, I'm just trying to check in with everyone once in a while to keep the sidebar updated. Of course I'm a terrible hypocrite since I have miles of my own I haven't even put in.LOL Oh well, we are all doing great!