Monday, March 7, 2011


Dog Blog Post #257: Today's Daily Shoot assignment?

Make a photograph of a smile today.

Awwww, heck. How hard can that be? Who can forget Zachary's winning smile in the recent "headband" shot...

ds474 - Amusing (Alternate)

Or the happy couple, in the shot I titled "Prom Night"...

Prom Night

(I'm probably dating myself with that one... Moving on...)

So out came "the set"- the backboard, ex-pen, butterfly clips...

... plus dog pillow, lovely new burgundy fabric, cheap black "drop cloth" fabric, and a couple of smiling dogs...

Hello? Smiling dogs? Are you out there?


It seemed there was a sudden shortage of smiling dogs at my house. I had eager dogs, somber dogs, pensive dogs, sad dogs, and tired dogs.

No smiling dogs.

And on the few occasions when I did manage to get one smiling dog, the other one was invariably doing something stupid - like rolling his eyes, or closing his eyes, or looking glum, or just sitting there being blurry!


In the end, the picture below was the best I could get.

ds476 - Smiling
Zachary and Henry

Really Henry? Is that best you could do, babe???

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Amber-Mae said...

Ahhhh gee, I can't believe all this while I've been calling Henry, Zachary. OOPS my mistake! I love the background. Now Melissa knows how to creat backgrounds for our photoshoots.

houndstooth said...

I'm cracking up! I think the picture is really cute, and I applaud you for toughing it out and trying to get both of them to do it at once. I had a friend who could get her dog to smile on command, but I have no idea how she taught him to do it!

Sage said...

Now, those are lovely smiles! I'm amazed at your photos--they are so good!!

Charlie said...

C'mon, Henry... smile! :)
- Charlie

Ruth said...

Zavhary's smile is lovely though!

Anonymous said...

I have the opposite problem when taking pictures of Riley...she's ALWAYS smiling and I can never get a serious picture of her. The only time I get a picture of her not smiling is when she's sleeping. I like the pic you ended up with!

Elyse and Riley

cherie said...

Gorgeous Pictures !

greygirl25 said...

Mom, you sit them in front of the flashy thing day after day. They would like you to sit in front of the flashy thing,

Then they will smile.

Beautiful pics as always. Nice blog.