Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Dog Blog Post #273: Alas, Real Life continues to overflow its banks and thus there is no Trick of the Week this week. I hope to "catch up" next week, assuming things return to a more normal state. Until then, the Daily Shoot remains my canine priority as (a) it's fast (b) it's (usually) rewarding and (c) I'm having way too much fun.

Soo.... what was today's Daily Shoot?

What reminds you of home? Make a photograph of it today.


Home Sweet Home?

Home is where the heart is?

ds491 - Waiting

Home is where your dogs are?

I wasn't home for much of the day, the normal times when I would take my daily shoot coming and going without me there to mark them. When I did return, I was greeted as I always am - with much excitement, a few spins, and an immediate search for the nearest (or sometimes "best") woobie.

As is also usual, Henry decides the "best" woobie must be the one that Uncle Zachary has, and a friendly game of tug ensues as each grabs on and they both try to bring the chosen stuffed item to me. Long before they reach me, things devolve into a slow motion game of bitey-face, or even upside-down play.

At this point, I have usually given up on a getting a greeting at all, and I'm seated on the floor in the midst of the action, giving a pet to whomever stumbles into me at the time.

I did try to take a few pictures of that today, but the light was waning, and my little point-n-shoot wasn't up to the task without "flashing" the boys, and it just wasn't worth it.


That's when I noticed a bit of sun was striking the mini-blinds, and so I moved to the sofa and opened them up. Henry soon joined, looking quite brave as he leaned against me and scanned the sidewalk for... whatever dogs look for!

Home is where the heart is...

ds491 - Waiting

... and I was very glad to be home with mine. :)

Editor's Note: Yes, Amber-Mae, there were treats in yesterday's Cookie Jar shot! And I totally agree with houndstooth that Natural Light is your friend. I love the idea of taking the camera on the walk - Can't wait for the days to get long enough for the walks to be in the daylight! :)

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Elaine Pritchard said...

I think those are my favourite photos for ages. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

You are very talented (and your beautiful models help too).

Love and licks, Winnie x

Amber-Mae said...

I really like that picture of Henry with that bit of sunlight on the side of his face & the black background. It's simple, warm & stunning!

houndstooth said...

That second picture just melted my heart! When I read the assignment just now, it made me think of one thing. When I leave home or return home, there is always a certain blue brindle face in the window. Blueberry is the sentinel, always waiting for us all to be together again. Coming home is seeing that nose in the window! Henry and Zachary are such great models, they could lay there and sleep and it would still produce great pictures! :)

greygirl25 said...

So sweet. Coming home is the very best.

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I think 'Real Life' is keeping all of us busy right now! Thats one reason I decided to do a FB blog page, it's easier to keep up with the little tidbits. Of course I love all out blogs the best and am thrilled you are getting so much fun out of your daily shoot. Your boys must have the best stay ever by now! Something Magnus could really learn from.LOL

Pup Fan said...

Home is where your dogs are... couldn't have said it better!