Monday, March 21, 2011

Circular Logic

#490 - Circle
Dog Blog Post #272: Despite the continuing pressures of Real Life (and pouring rain) The Daily Shoot goes on...

Make a photograph that incorporates a circle.

Circles... circles...

Balls, the bottom of cones, candles, vases, a hula hoop, dinner plates, an orange, tupperware (hmmm... getting pretty desperate there...) pretty bowls, trash cans, note pads with large dots on the covers, baskets with holes, clock faces, paint buckets...

Paint buckets?

Hey! I could actually build a real picture around that one, with paint brushes, splattered fabric, painters caps, step stools...

... sigh... see reference to Real Life above...

Ok. Fine. Must pick something. Started out with The Set, draped in stretchy black velvet fabric, with cheap black fabric drop cloth. Added Henry and three Lacrosse balls - two orange and one purple (why? Because that was what was under The Chair where Lacrosse balls huddle together to keep away from the dogs.)

Tried balls in a row across the frame in front of him, balls in a row going away from the viewer between his front paws, balls stacked on each other in a triangle supported by his paws, balls on his paws (fail), balls on his back (fail)...

Ugh. Looked terrible.


Slipped my watch off and slid it onto Henry's leg.

#490 - CircleHenry was unimpressed.

Applied cookies liberally with one had while "sneaking" it up his paw with the other.

Henry became more impressed.

About TimeTook a really nice shot of Henry doing that demure thing, with his head bent down and angled, as though looking at the watch. (Ruined it by having the camera strap in the way.) Took a few not-as-good shots then switched to Zachary.

Repeated ball efforts.

Ugh. Looked terrible.


Brought out the "good" cookie jar, with the circular lid and tried a few poses, all facilitated by a very good "Leave it!" Once again wished I had an "ogle me" command. Switched from big tripod to little tripod.

Not bad.

Went with the one at the top of the post, as that seemed to have the clearest "circle" (the watch face being obscured or blurry in the other two.)

Editor's Note: Regarding...

... greygirl25 looking, "forward to the golden adventures of Henry and Zachary." Probably not. It takes time to do that sort of thing, and time is always in short supply around here. Perhaps someday. I would like to get them out someplace unusual once a week, but I wouldn't hold your breath!

... houndstooth suggesting, " some action shots... outside, it could be a fun change...", I agree. Alas, my yard wasn't designed for that. While not exactly small by local standards, it's evenly split between the sides, back, and rather steep slope, meaning no matter where I go, if I try for even a moderately distance shot I get house or fence. Ugh. :(

Dog parks don't work, as my boys have all that they were born with.

Still, once it stops raining I will stroll my little plot and see if anything comes to mind. :)

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Amber-Mae said...

Love the 1st picture! That's a very nice treat jar. Was there any treats in it? That arm watch looks good on Henry. Thanks for sharing the pictures! They're lovely.

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Always enjoy y'alls pictures.

My Human does not have the patience to pose me. She just snaps whatever...sometimes its blah, sometimes not!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

houndstooth said...

I like these pictures, and I hate the frustration of wanting or needing a shot when it's just not happening for you. The more I need or want a shot sometimes, the worse it is.

Natural light is your friend, though! If you take the boys for walks, maybe just try snapping a few pictures along the way. Sometimes you just have to make everyday life its own adventure! ;)