Friday, March 11, 2011

Eye's Have It

ds480 - Simple Shape

Dog Blog Post #262: Today's Daily Shoot assignment was:

Make a photograph of a beautiful simple shape, such as an egg, today. Utilize lighting and focus to make it sing.

I'd seen this one listed in the archives, and always wondered what I would do if it came up. Well, today I got to find out. I had three things in mind - eyes, noses, and paw pads.

Since I was whining just the other day about not getting good eye pictures, and since I just happened to be home at the precisely right time of day to get just the right amount of sun (too much, they squint, too little and the eyes look "flat") I thought I would give it a go.

I took several dozen shots of both boys, in macro mode, and after considerable fiddling with location, angle, tilt, and distance, I think I came up with a reasonable "eye" picture of Zachary. It doesn't really solve my "eyes" problem, as I'm pretty sure I would have failed had I tried for two, but I guess I need to take things one "eye" at a time. :)

Somewhat surprisingly, the nose pictures didn't really turn out. Perhaps I was too ambitious and got too close for macro mode, or perhaps something about the darkness of the nose (in large size) was giving the camera fits. The best of the bunch is below, but... (shrug).

Never got to paws - will have to save that one for next time!

Editor's Note: Yesterday, Pamela asked if I was "planning to write a post on how you get your dogs to cooperate so nicely with your photography?"

The simple (and not intentionally flippant) answer is, "a liberal application of cookies and a reasonably good stay." Although I'm not quite sure that's what she was looking for. If there's something in particular that folks would like to know, I'll do my best to answer!

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Sage said...

Love Zach's eye! (I assume that's Zachery). And Henry's nose--wow. What a great shot.

Steph Skardal said...

I like the nose one! I have a couple similar nose shots, but I really like the blurred eyes in the background and the expression.

And your next trick is to get that shot with a biscuit sitting on the nose??

Pup Fan said...

Cool - these both turned out well, I think. I like the way you framed them.