Sunday, March 19, 2017


Henry: "Now?"

No sweetie, not yet.

Dog Blog Post #2392

My floor littered with dogs Waiting for the nightly shoot.

Every time I stirred in my seat, Henry would raise his head in Anticipation only to be disappointed.

Tonight I was working on a prototype pattern for the boys - a notch up from the V-Collar I've been making of late. It was originally based on a commercial pattern for a dog coat I bought for $1 (one of those 5 for $5 sales).

I traced the back pattern piece off and shortened the length to work better for my photography needs, then switched the closure allowance from front to back, but otherwise left it alone.

It was... a disaster. There was no way that garment was ever going to fit on the boys, and I hadn't even put in the sleeves yet.

Round two.

I traced off the necklines/shoulders of the front/back pieces and then eyeballed a lower edge of something I hoped would be a fitted-cape shape - something LIKE my V-Collars but fitting closer to the neck and around the shoulders.

It was... a bit better.

At least it was workable.

So I spent the rest of the evening calling Henry (the non-fidgety dog) over and taking in a pinch of fabric here and pinch there (for a Cookie, of course) until my "dress-form" got bored and left the room.

Zachary had abandoned me for Hubby long before, even though he had been getting Cookies for Nothing.

As the evening closed, I was really happy with the back neck seam and the shoulder seams. The front is probably still a bit too big, but with all the ruff fluff I hesitate to make it too snug. I definitely need to shorten it around the front legs so it doesn't ride up when they lie down sphinx-style - the most common pose - and then decide what the lower front width/shape should be.

Problems for another day.

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Furries said...

Great photos for the theme. The boys do look very disappointed that their anticipation of photo-time and treats was not forthcoming.

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