Friday, March 10, 2017

Yellow Flowers

Dog Flower?
A cheery little Henry Flower

Dog Flower?
A not so cheery little Zachary Flower

Dog Flower?
Zachary: "Get my agent on the phone!"

Dog Blog Post #2385

Amazing what you can do with two sheets of card stock paper and a plain head band.

The paper was folded into quarters and freehand cut, leaving a short, square tail at the base. Each tail was individually wrapped around the headband and tapped to the back of their petal. Each petal was taped to its neighbor in the back with a small piece of tape.

The results were surprisingly sturdy.

While neither dog minds this sort of foolishness, Zachary always tries to hold really still when I put something oversized on his head, leaving him looking grumpy.

The second shot was after I gave him a couple Cookies.

Note the petals haven't budged a bit, despite his animated chewing.

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Dog Flower?
Henry, humoring his Momma

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24 Paws of Love said...

lol! too cute! Love the last one of Zachary and caption.