Monday, March 13, 2017

The Day After

Must have been some party...

The Day After
Henry - the life of the party?

Dog Blog Post #2387

Unlike Mr. Zachary, Henry was perfectly fine having a lampshade put on his head.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 13, 2017 - "Lampshade"

Daily Dog Challenge 1959. "Ears"

Henry's ears are softly furred, softly dangling, with a substantial, heavy feel to them and a chance of getting infected if the weather gets really hot.

His ears are considerably thicker than Zachary's, although it's hard to tell if that's due to thicker leather or thicker fur.

Most likely, it's a combination of both.

Henry is indifferent to having his ears scratched/petted. He would much rather we scratched the ridge of his back, and does a happy dance and arches his back to show his appreciation.

But Wait... There's More!

Not Happening
Zachary - putting his paw down

Apparently, nine year and one day old Golden Retrievers don't have to pose with lampshades on their heads.

I really must read their contracts more carefully.

I was actually taken by surprise on this one, as Henry's more apt to balk at strange things over his head than Zachary.

After a few tries I gave up and went with this compromise shot, as the lampshade itself wasn't the problem, he just didn't want it over his head.

Zachary's ear's are softly furred, softly dangling, and very supple - flowing through your fingers like warm, heavy silk.

His ears are considerably thinner than Henry's, although it's hard to tell if that's due to thinner leather or thinner fur.

Most likely, it's a combination of both.

Zachary likes to have his ears scratched and petted, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Must have been some birthday party yesterday.

That's funny - Zachary turned 9 and refuses to wear a lampshade! With age comes dignity. Or maybe he was just having an "off" day.