Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Obi Wan Doggie

Obi Wan Doggie
Jedi Zachary: "Where's my lightsaber?'

Obi Wan Doggie
Henry the Happy Jedi

Obi Wan Doggie
Zachary the Grim Jedi?

Obi Wan Doggie
Jedi Henry, after placing himself in a trace

Dog Blog Post #2389

The force is strong with this one.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1961. "Beware"

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 15, 2017 - "Holes"

A rather low-tech effect, with the basket sitting on a small stack of black coasters, on top a small dark end table. The coasters separated the basket from the table without being visible to the camera. A small bit of fabric gave the basket a tilt. A few quick swipes of anti-exposure in Lightroom during post-processing made the table disappear.

This was supposed to be a Friar Tuck costume, for some future shot when the topic is right. But when I took an iPhone shot of it on Henry when I finished it last night, and texted to Hubby (in the other room - stop laughing) he said "Obi Wan".

You know... I think he was on to something.

The basic pattern was from a Grim Reaper pattern from Simplicity (#1349). The local fabric store periodically has great sales (5 patterns for $5 vs. $15-$20 each) on various brands. At that price, I can afford to pick something up in hopes I can make it work without feeling the least bit guilty.

In this case, I traced the men's large grim reaper collar pattern pieces (front and back) eyeballing in what I hoped would be a pleasing lower curve and length. The hood was made per the pattern.

The fabric is a yard of fleece (remnant) so I didn't need to line it. Easy to work with, although the sewing machine grumbles a bit when the seams start stacking up.

I particularly liked how the collar came out, and will probably use it again, as I've been looking for a good pattern for a cape. I might add an inch or two to the length, and will definitely give the boys a bit more room around the neck.

Obi Wan Doggie
Jedi Zachary, channelling the Galactic Emperor

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Furries said...

Great photos. Zachary the Grim Jedi looks mysterious.