Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Look Out Below

Look Out Below
Fearsome Faces!

Look Out Below
(nibble nibble nibble)

Look Out Below
Bellies for tickling?

Look Out Below
"He he he"

Look Out Below
Look at all that flowing fur

Dog Blog Post #2388

Switched to the 35mm lens and looked down.

Gee, what a surprise, the boys were playing Bitey-Face.

Today's shoot is sans flash, 1/40s @ f/2.8, with ISO 1250-1600.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 13, 2017 - "Ground or Grounding"

Daily Dog Challenge 1959. "Below"

Look Out Below

Can you tell I'm trying to get back on their good sides after yesterday's Lampshade Shoot?

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