Friday, March 17, 2017

Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup

What are you two doing???

Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup
Henry: "We stole the Cookies from the Rich to give to the Poor."

You're going to give all those Cookies away?

Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup

Every single Cookie?

Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup

Eh hem...

Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup
Henry: "We might keep one or two... bags."


Dog Blog Post #2390

Looks like Ruff 'n Hood and Friar Pup have struck again, although I have serious doubts the boys will be distributing them anytime soon.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1962. "Smart"

Takes a clever dog to pull of such a heist, no?

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 16, 2017 - "Green"

This is the completed Robin Hood outfit, coming in as prop #11 for the year. You might recall I trotted it out a few weeks ago in an unfinished state to fit a challenge. It's been done for a while, just waiting for the moment to be right. :)

The hat was downsized from Butterick pattern (#4574) - another $1 purchase from a 5 for $5 sale. I cut the fabric (fleece remnant) according to the pattern, then shifted the pattern down and recut the top and back end to make it much shallower and bit shorter. Stupid me, I didn't think to trace what I did in case I wanted to make another - a flaw in the process I fixed when I make Friar Pup's outfit. The feathers were actually from the floral department, as the bagged pheasant feathers looked terrible.

While you can't really tell, Henry is indeed sporting yesterday's Obi Wan Doggie robe as it was intentionally envisioned to be worn.

The Cookie Bags are prop #12 on my "prop a week" attempt. They are fully seamed and even have a casing for a drawstring on top, although only the right bag has one inserted.

The bones were cut from leftover scraps of Friar Tuck's outfit. I traced around the end of a spool of thread four times and drew some connecting lines. Ta-da! Instant bone pattern.

I whipped them up right before the photoshoot based on simple instructions for sewing a drawstring bag in a book I picked up from the library last weekend. I cut several more bags of various sizes from excess yardage bought years ago for quilt, but ran out of time to stitch them up.

Ruff 'n Hood Props
Ruff 'n Hood Hat and Cookies Bags

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Furries said...

Fantastic photos. The props, the boys' expressions, and the lighting are all wonderful.