Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pawsitively Adorable

Happy (almost) Wordless Wednesday!

Pawsitively Adorable
Noses and Toeses...

Pawsitively Adorable
... from low...

Pawsitively Adorable
... and up high

Dog Blog Post #2237


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 9, 2016 - "Shoes or Feet"

Daily Dog Challenge 1744. "To The Tips Of Their Toes"

The boys are working on growing their Golden Slippers as we wait for the all-clear from the V-E-T (for Henry's ears) so we can haul their extra furry little toes back to the Day Spa for a much needed trim.

Pawsitively Adorable
Golden Slippers

The observant will note I actually skipped a day on the photo challenges.

That's because today's challenge was so easy that I could take it, process it, and get the posting (plus this post) all done before the Olympic Prime-Time coverage (such that is) comes on.

I have yesterday's pictures done (and squirreled away on Flickr) - all ready to pull out of my hip pocket on a day when I'm not so fortunate with regards to time or challenge(s).

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