Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Henry: "So Momma, what are you going to make us?"

Uh... well... I haven't quite decided yet.

There are so many possibilities... and...

Zachary: (blink)

... I don't want to ruin them... and...

Henry: (humph)


Dog Blog Post #2230

I love browsing through the remnant bin at the fabric store, and it's a rare trip that I don't walk away with... something.

Velvets, brocades, sheers, and satins.
Faux leather, faux fur, and faux silk.
Upholstery, fashion, and fun fabrics.
Metallic, mesh, glitter and lace fabrics.

I love them all.

And over the past few years I've acquired quite a collection.

Most are in the 3/4-1 yard range. Almost all were heavily discounted.

I have four long boxes and a half dozen or so smaller bins full of the stuff.

Plus one big bin containing nothing but bulky fleece.

Alas, while I have visions of making the boys royal robes, stage costumes, and biker gear, and have a basic understanding of sewing plus a fairly nice machine, it seems I'm much better at purchasing than producing.

Which is a real shame, because even if things didn't turn work out right I would only be out a few dollars and a few hours of my time.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 2, 2016 - "Layered"

Daily Dog Challenge 1737. "Sandwich(ed)"

Mr. Henry
Mr. Henry

Just a lighting test shot... but I love how Henry's head was resting on his paw.

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