Monday, August 1, 2016

Best Friends

Best Friends
Henry: "I'm tired, Uncle Zachary."
Zachary: "Yo Mom! We're calling it a night."

Um... well... OK.

I guess I have enough pictures for tonight.

Best Friends
Zachary: "I got your back, pup."
Henry: "Thanks, Zachary."

Best Friends
Henry: "You're the best."
Zachary: "Back at ya, pup."

Dog Blog Post #2229

One more trip to the V.E.T today, and Henry's ears are looking much better.

One more round of antibiotic goo in his left ear, and that should do it.

But the pup was tired from all the visiting he does when he's there, so Zachary insisted I keep tonight's shoot simple.

What are Friend(s) for, right?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 1, 2016 - "Friend(s)"

Daily Dog Challenge 1736. "Number One"

Best Friends
Henry: "Zzzzzz"
Zachary: "Feeling a bit sleepy myself."

Best Friends

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