Sunday, August 14, 2016

For Sale

For Sale
Zachary: "What are you selling, pup?
Henry: "Cookies"

For Sale
Zachary: "Fresh off the vine?"
Henry: "Cookies don't grown on vines."

For Sale
Zachary: "Do you want to sell a bag, or not?"
Henry: "Fresh off the vine, sir."

Dog Blog Post #2240

I suppose there could be Peaches inside the brown paper bags Henry is selling.

But Cookies would be a better guess.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 7, 2016 - "From Blossoms"

Daily Dog Challenge 1743. "Up Top"

For Sale
Zachary: "Why, I remember when I was pup, and..."
Henry: "'Zzzzz"

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Unknown said...

Such a beautiful pictures!!! I really like the design of each one of them!!! Great job!!!