Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Nose Knows

Cool Dog

Cool Dog
... a...

Cool Dog
... cute...

Cool Dog
... little...

Cool Dog
... nose!

Dog Blog Post #2231

The boys never mind posing wearing a hat, especially when it's a fedora.

I'm going to guess it's because the brim does an excellent job blocking the flash, but they've never really said.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 3, 2016 - "Focal Point"

Daily Dog Challenge 1738. "Cool Color(s)"

No, it's not easy to tell the boys apart from just their noses.

You'd think a dark freckle dead-center would be a sure give-away, but both dogs have one there.

Hint: Zachary's nose has more speckles on the edges and his muzzle is lighter in real life (although the flash makes determining that tricky) making a definitive attribution possible for those who really want to know.

There are three shots of each dog on today's post.

"Oh woe is me."

What an actor.

You'd think he hadn't eaten all day.

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