Wednesday, August 31, 2016

High Five

High Five

High Five

High Five

High Five

Dog Blog Post #2252

This is one of Zachary's favorite tricks.

It's easy, it's fast, the hand signal is clear, and it's obvious when we (and I do mean "we") do it right.

If I extend my left hand, he'll use his right paw. If I extend my right hand, he'll use his left paw.

And these aren't wish-washy high/low fives. These are confident hand/paw smacking good high/low fives.

Yup, he's a pro at earning Cookies this way.

Henry can also do this trick, and he'll also match your hand.

But he gives you a slow, gentle tap and then looks up at you with those big, round, "once is enough, right Momma?" eyes.

Yup, he's a pro at earning Cookies, too.

Photography Assignment

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August 19

I believe this finishes off the saved-up Olympics shots...

Mr. Zachary

The Boys
The Boys

Life is good :)

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Ruth said...

High-paw! So much enthusiasm! :D