Monday, August 29, 2016

Found Art

Good grief... another day of the boys (mostly Henry) on the Love Seat.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow's challenges will prompt something... else.

Henry Tail and Blanket

Blanket and Henry

Henry and Blanket

You get the idea

Mr. Zachary
Zachary: "Pfthththththth"

Dog Blog Post #2250

I love the way this blanket embraces light. I can toss it anywhere, put any kind of light on it, and it will be beautiful.

If you ignore the odd dog hair or two.

Today, while straightening up, I tossed the blanket on Henry, who was lying in one of his favorite spots. Silly dog just laid there, not about to abandon his favorite spot. I pushed the edge back so his head wasn't covered and darned if it didn't look lovely.

At least to me.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 26, 2016 - "Found Art"

Daily Dog Challenge 1764. "Texture"

August 17

Mr. Zachary
Zachary dozing during the Olympics

Mr. Zachary
Zachary, hoping for a Cookie because he was a good boy and got off the bed when asked

He wasn't disappointed.

The fuzzy lump on the left is Henry.

He (eventually) got off the bed as well... at Henry Speed... and got a Cookie as well.

Yeah - we're a bit lax around here.

Henry dozing during the Olympics

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