Sunday, August 21, 2016

High Fashion

Avant Garde
Henry: "You have Cookies, right?"

Yes, Henry, I have lots of Cookies.

Avant Garde
Zachary, putting on his Brave Model Face

Avant Garde
Henry: "The really, REALY good Cookies?"

Yes, Henry, the really, REALLY good Cookies.

Avant Garde
Zachary: (sigh)

Dog Blog Post #2242

The boys thought they'd try their paw at the world of high fashion modeling.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1756. "Big Ideas"

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 21, 2016 - "Avant Garde"

When I googled "Avant Garde", all I saw were... interesting... fashion pictures.

Avant Garde
Zachary: "This is actually kinda fun!"

For the curious, this was my inspiration for today:

(The orange... whatever it is. It looked like an orange, falling apart, shower puff to me.)

A few remnants, some rubber bands, and a hairband later, this is what I had.

I was so proud of the boys. You never know with models.

These guys work for a handful of Cookies and are free to walk off the "set" at any time.

And they know it, because they've both done it - although thankfully quite rarely.

Today was just another day for them. A few minutes work for a handful of treats.

No worries!

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