Thursday, March 31, 2016

Watch The Birdie

Ok, Zachary.

Now watch the Cookie...

Watch The Birdie
Zachary: "Right!"

Watch The Birdie
(tick tock tick tock....)


Oh, Zachary?

Can you hear me?


Watch The Birdie
Zachary: "Fooled you!"

Dog Blog Post #2104

Using a spring clamp (repurposed from holding the reflector to the fridge handle) balanced on the head of my old tripod to hold a Cookie.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 31, 2016 - "Watch The Birdie"

Daily Dog Challenge 1613. "Focus"

Uh... no.

This is NOT how I usually get the boys attention (the clamp, that is.)

This is more the start of a Rube Goldberg version of a Cookie holder.

Actually, this was (once again) not what I had planned on shooting. This was just supposed to be a place holder (literally) so I could get the lighting/focus right, and then I was going to carefully position my hand in exactly the same spot for final picture.

But after I got it set up, I rather liked it, and never bothered to follow through on "me".

In addition to my usual flash/umbrella setup, a second flash (with small softbox) is sitting on a kitchen chair to illuminate the stand/Cookie, as it is actually closer to the camera than my normal flash/umbrella.

Cookie Holder
Cookie Close-up

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