Friday, April 1, 2016

A Bit of Fun

A Bit of Fun
Zachary: "Arooooo!"
Henry: "Pfththththth"

Eh hem...

That will do.

A Bit of Fun

A Bit of Fun
"He he he"

Dog Blog Post #2105

Antenna Balls - with style!

These two are Near and Dear to My Heart, a joy to work with (most of the time) and not above having A Bit of Fun on the job.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 1, 2016 - "Near and Dear to My Heart"

Daily Dog Challenge 1614. "A Bit of Fun"

My Kingdom for a Smile?

A Bit of Fun
The Dynamic Duo

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Furries said...

You boys are very cute, even when your mom makes you look silly.