Monday, March 21, 2016

The Odd Couple

And who are you two, today?

Odd Couple
"The Odd Couple"

I see that.

Henry: "Roar!"
Zachary: "Eh hem... right."

Ok then.

Well, let's see a nice smile...

Odd Couple

Very nice.

Dog Blog Post #2094

So alike...

Both are friendly... friendly... ever so friendly, with happy dispositions and a deep-seated inability to hold a grudge - or even contemplate one.

... and yet so different...

Zachary (top hat) is smart, easy to teach, and quick to learn. He desperately wants to please. He's not fond of hugging, but loves snuggle close on his own terms.

Henry (t-shirt) is sweet, calm, and deliberate. You can't hug, pet, or cuddle this pup too much (we've tried!) He's too laid-back to enjoy extended training, although his deliberate nature and dislike of excess effort gives him a surprising paw up on Zachary when it comes to problem solving.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 18, 2016 - "Strange Bedfellows"

Daily Dog Challenge 1603. "Odd Couple"

Odd Couple
Zachary: "Bring on the Cookies."
Henry: "Mmmmm"

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Furries said...

Henry, you could come roar at my house any time. I'll rub on your ears and paws as much as you let me.