Friday, March 25, 2016

Golden Easter Bunnies

Golden Easter Bunnies
"Happy Easter!"

Not quite yet, guys.

You have to wait a few more days.

Golden Easter Bunnies

We had to take the picture early for the Photo Challenge.

Golden Easter Bunnies

But in two day's time the Easter Baskets will show up and you can gobble up your bunnies.

Golden Easter Bunnies
Zachary: (gasp)
Henry: (gulp)

Or not.

Dog Blog Post #2098

Golden Easter Bunnies?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 25, 2016 - "Easter"

Daily Dog Challenge 1607. "Something Good"

Change is good, right?

These is really going to stand out in my Flickr stream, isn't it? :)

FWIW: I just checked. I took a whopping four high-key shots (well, shoots) all of last year. Hmmm... perhaps that explains why I find it so hard.

Golden Easter Bunnies
Zachary: "Maybe she didn't mean REAL bunnies."

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Furries said...

The second photo is sweet.