Monday, March 28, 2016

Tickly Little Whiskers

Tickly Little Whiskers

Dog Blog Post #2101

This wasn't what I had been planning to take, but the boys were being so sweet (as they begged Cookies) that I couldn't resist.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 28, 2016 - "Cup"

... my hands.

Daily Dog Challenge 1610. "Water"

... a single drop.

Think "Where's Waldo" - and see if you can find it in the shot above.

These are (once again) iPhone shots, that have been desaturated (somewhat), softened, with a hint of grain added.

Why iPhone?

Because running off to get my Big Camera would spoil the moment, and I usually have my iPhone with me.

Tickly Little Whiskers

At least, I think that's Zachary up top.

I switched back and forth between the boys, so in all honesty I could be wrong.

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