Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Too Many Choices

Ok guys... pick out your Lacrosse Ball for tonight!

Too Many Choices
Zachary: "Maybe green... wait, purple... perhaps blue..."

Too Many Choices
Henry: (sniff)

Too Many Choices
Henry: (sniff sniff)

Too Many Choices
Henry (thinking): "Seriously?"

Dog Blog Post #2082

Oh dear, too many Colorful Lacrosse Balls to choose from.

Definitely a First World Problem (Dog Edition).

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1591. "Colorful"

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 7, 2016 - "First World Problem"

Too Many Choices
Zachary: "Orange!"

Yes, Lacrosse Balls come in a wide variety of colors.

In addition to those shown here, we have a (single, somewhat used) white Lacrosse Ball and some very battered yellow ones.

For the most part, we give the boys orange balls, because (a) we have lots of them - left over from when Son played Lacrosse - and (b) they show up well amongst foliage.

The pink balls were a give-away during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Whoever came up with green balls should have his head examined.

(Hint: Lacrosse is played on grass or turf.)

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Furries said...

Fantastic color in those photos.
Boys, why does your mom torment you with so many choices?