Sunday, March 13, 2016


Plan A...

Come here Henry.

You are rather damp after your trip out into the yard, so I need to dry you off before you can go into the rest of the house.

Drying Off
Henry: "Ok, Momma."

Drying Off
Henry (thinking) : "Gentle with the paws, Momma."

Drying Off
All Dry!

Dog Blog Post #2086

One More rainy day has me toweling the boys off (again) in hopes of Saving my poor carpet.

As we desperately need the rain (and I desperately need a new carpet) I suppose I can't complain too much.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1595. "One More"

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 13, 2016 - "Saving"

Plan B...

Ok... well.

That was uninspired.

Let's try something else to "Save" the shoot!

Devil Dog
Zachary as the Devil Dog

Missed Again
Henry, missing the Cookie yet again

Note to self: Trying to take a picture of an activity that requires a minimum of three hands (two for toweling off a dog and one to push the camera remote) is very hard to do when you "only" have two.

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1 comment:

Furries said...

I used to put an old flannel queen-sized top sheet on the carpet during winter. Looked less than stylish, but saved the carpet from wet dog. Every few days it went in the wash and voila....clean again!

Henry's paw photo is adorable. Looks like he's asking if he's doing it correctly.

That's a great photo of "vicious" Zachary.