Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Ok... for today's "If Tomorrow Never Comes" challenge...

What Diet?
Zachary: "No tomorrow?"

What Diet?
Zachary: "Sweet!"

What Diet?
Zachary: (gobble gobble gobble)

Dog Blog Post #1906

I'm with Zachary.

If Tomorrow Never Comes my diet is out the window.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 15, 2015 - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Daily Dog Challenge 1415. "On Top"

What Diet?
Henry: (sniff)

What Diet?
Sad Henry

Poor Henry, I guess the bag is empty.

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Furries said...

Great series of photos. Before I saw the caption on the last photo I thought "he looks so sad".

Agata Pokutycka said...

Lovely photos. I wish my dogs were happy to be photographed. Bunk totally hates the camera.

Vicki Green said...

I feel the same way - I've often said if I knew I only had X number of days to live, I'd eat whatever and as much as I wanted!

Ruth said...

Aww, adorable! :)

Unknown said...

Great pictures, love the one with Zachary in the bag! :)
-Spencer the Goldendoodle

Kari Neumeyer said...

Ha ha! It's true, if I die tomorrow, I will regret not eating that cupcake!

Unknown said...

If tomorrow never comes? Even if it does come, mine would still eat the bag full! BOL!

The Swiss Cats said...

MOL ! Lovely ! Purrs

Angry Girl Fitness said...

Haha, now you're talking! Food! :-D