Tuesday, September 15, 2015

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Ok... for today's "If Tomorrow Never Comes" challenge...

What Diet?
Zachary: "No tomorrow?"

What Diet?
Zachary: "Sweet!"

What Diet?
Zachary: (gobble gobble gobble)

Dog Blog Post #1906

I'm with Zachary.

If Tomorrow Never Comes my diet is out the window.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 15, 2015 - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Daily Dog Challenge 1415. "On Top"

What Diet?
Henry: (sniff)

What Diet?
Sad Henry

Poor Henry, I guess the bag is empty.

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The Indulged Furries said...

Great series of photos. Before I saw the caption on the last photo I thought "he looks so sad".

Agata Pokutycka said...

Lovely photos. I wish my dogs were happy to be photographed. Bunk totally hates the camera.

Vicki Green said...

I feel the same way - I've often said if I knew I only had X number of days to live, I'd eat whatever and as much as I wanted!

The Green Dogs said...

Aww, adorable! :)

Spencer the Goldendoodle said...

Great pictures, love the one with Zachary in the bag! :)
-Spencer the Goldendoodle

Kari Neumeyer said...

Ha ha! It's true, if I die tomorrow, I will regret not eating that cupcake!

Earl Lover said...

If tomorrow never comes? Even if it does come, mine would still eat the bag full! BOL!

The Swiss Cats said...

MOL ! Lovely ! Purrs

Shannon Adams said...

Haha, now you're talking! Food! :-D