Saturday, September 26, 2015

Proper Greeting

My idea of a proper greeting...

Polite Puppy
Henry, being a very good boy

My boys' idea of a proper greeting...

Hurry Up!
Zachary: "Mom!"

Proper Greeting?
Hi-Yo Zachary!

Proper Greeting?
Henry the Rabbit?

Dog Blog Post #1916

The boys actually have very good greeting skills - at least for us, their peeps.

They are also well behaved when greeting people outside the house, say on a walk.

Their manners slip a bit (cough) when greeting non-family members inside the house, as we don't entertain very often and they are VERY excited to welcome people into the house.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 26, 2015 - "Hop Skip or Jump"

Daily Dog Challenge 1426. "A Proper Greeting"

Proper Greeting?
Zachary - being goofy (or possibly eating the Cookie I tossed at him to get him to jump up)

Slider Sunday

Played around with sliders and filters, but couldn't find something that I liked that seemed to fit the challenges...

Proper Greeting?

Proper Greeting?

The Photoshopped shot had more things done to it than I can recall, although the basic idea was to skip over the Photoshop Elements and invert the image (which turned black to white and my golden dog to blue) then correct the color as much as possible (turning blue dog back to yellow) then return to Lightroom to clean up the black speckles created by the inversion as well as improve the contrast and clarity.

The Lightroomed shot is a combination of slider pushing (contrast, black, white, clarity, saturation...) which I have developed over time to create something pleasing to me in an artsy way, and then saved as a preset so I can simply select it from a list.

I really like how it accentuates Henry's "Bed Head" coat, which really does look like that - especially across his back - more so than it appears in a "normal" image.

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