Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Moody Goldens?

Alright guys, today's a toughie.

I need you to look "Moody".

Moody Goldens?
Zachary: (sigh)

That's good! Great emotion!

Now let's try it with props.

Moody Goldens?
The most interesting dog in the world...

Moody Goldens?
... needs a slightly smaller hat.

Moody Goldens?
Henry: (sniff)

Moody Goldens?
Henry: "Empty."

Yes, I know The Most Interesting Dog in the World should be drinking Dos Equis Beer, but as I don't (and beer didn't feel "moody" to me, anyway) Jack Daniel's will have to do.

I don't actually drink Jack Daniel's, either.

I bought it to try a recipe for TGIF's Pulled Pork Dipping Sauce that I found online.

I also picked up a small bottle of Tabasco Sauce (not touched since) and a vat of White Grape Juice (that took me three grocery stores to find) as well.

The recipe took an hour to make.

The results were awful and went immediately down the sink.

The bottle of Whiskey remains.

It is quite possibly older than either dog.

Dog Blog Post #1913

Sleepy? We can do that.

Bored? No problem.

But as the boys are actually quite cheery in nature (they are Golden Retrievers, after all) we must lean heavily on props and/or lighting to have any hope of making a Moody shot.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 23, 2015 - "Moody"

Daily Dog Challenge 1423. "Set The Mood"

Moody Goldens?
Handsome Henry

Henry doesn't do "Moody".

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