Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Zachary: "Mmmm"

Henry: "Mmmmm"

Zachary: "Smells... so.... good...."

Henry: (whimper)

Dog Blog Post #1905

Zachary's fur is soft and Sleek in several spots - like his paws and muzzle.

Henry? Not so much, but again his paws and maybe the crest of neck would count.

Here, they are contemplating some chicken Filled nuggets.

When I was growing up, Mom would always serve homemade fried chicken for dinner as we watched Monday Night Football.


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 14, 2015 - "Sleek"

Daily Dog Challenge 1414. "Fill/Filled"

Zachary: "This is just plain cruel."

Yes, of course they each got to eat their own "prop" of chicken.

Note that the chicken is arranged on a tiny square plate, which is resting on top of their paws, not a deep dish sitting on the floor.

So what you see is what they got.

They also ended up with the same amount of chicken, so Zachary's larger pile is just a matter of better arranging for the camera.

Go Niners!!!

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