Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dog and Ball

Happy Slider Sunday!

Dog and Ball
Mr. Zachary

Dog and Ball
Looking a bit more natural

Dog and Ball
Zachary: "Gotcha!"

Dog And Ball
Zen Zachary

Dog Blog Post #1903

A Dog and his Lacrosse Ball.

Need I say more?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 12, 2015 - "Things That Commonly Go Together"

Daily Dog Challenge "Make The Most Of The Day"

The top shot wasn't the picture I intended to use today - that would be "Zen Zachary".

No, the top shot was just a throw away picture taken as I rewarded Zachary for his earlier patience getting the Zen Zachary shot.

And of course it was blurry (see below) as the camera wasn't set up for a motion shot.

But darned if it wasn't my favorite of the night.

So... sliders and filters to the rescue!

The Blurry Original

Dog And Ball
Blurry Zachary

The Talented Mr. Henry

Dog and Cookies

Patient Henry
Henry - feeling unappreciated for his hard work

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1 comment:

Furries said...

The first image is very interesting. The second is a bit scary!
The picture of Zachary being Zen shows his sweet, gentle nature.
Henry...what a talent!