Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fall - Slider Sunday

Slider Sunday...

Posterize Filter

I liked how the colors of the leaves and Zachary merged together.

Glowing Edges Filter + Find Edges Filter

The shot above has two versions of the original image - one with Glowing Edges and the other with Find Edges applied - blended back into each other.

Yeah... that one is a bit "out there". :)

The Original

Zachary - awaiting the next batch

He really seemed to enjoy watching the leaves fall.

Dog Blog Post #1896

Fun with Leaves.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 5, 2015 - "Leaves"

Daily Dog Challenge 1405. "Movement"

Slow Exposure

Henry - getting ready to leave

As I've mentioned before, Henry doesn't really like things falling on him, so I let him decide when he's had enough and respect his decision.

Today he lasted two shots (with leaves falling) before walking off "the set". :)

This is a slow exposure shot, with some selective lightening of the "leaf trails" using Lightroom.

What Didn't Work

"What the???"

Unlike Henry, Zachary is fine with things falling on him (leaves, papers, fabric...) however I was trying out a different method of dropping the leaves (sliding them off a large tray) and Zachary wasn't particularly enamored with the tray hovering over his head.

After this failed shot, I went back to the old way of dropping the leaves - by hand.

My Favorite Shot

Fall Flame Out
Fall Flame Out

A slow exposure shot, with various sliders slid, and the "leaf trail" selectively lightened.

I really liked this shot, which unfortunately was a test shot before I brought in the dogs.

Alas, none of the shots with leaves AND dogs came out as good.

Fall Panorama

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Furries said...

I really like the blues in the second effect. And you created a beautiful image with the falling leaf.