Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Had Me At "Hello"

You Had Me At 'Hello'
Mr. Zachary

You Had Me At 'Hello'
Mr. Henry

You Had Me At 'Hello'
Mr. Henry sans Hat

Dog Blog Post 1852

The boys realize you never get a second chance to make a first Impression.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - July 22, 2015 - "Impression"

Daily Dog Challenge 1360. "You Had Me At 'Hello'"

How can I resist them?

This is not a new background, although it's one I've used very, very rarely as the creases are pronounced and the pattern makes cloning them away not really an option.

(Yes, Mom. I know I could iron it, but...)

The black sparkly velvet they are lying on IS new - a great find on the fabric store remnant rack.

Usually ~$22/yd, it was on sale for ~$10/yd, and then 50% off of that because it was a remnant.

Remnants are typically a yard or less, but for whatever reason this one was just shy of 1.2 yards and came in under $7.

And it's lovely.

The bed they - and the black velvet - are lying on is also new. A giant orthopedic dog bed I splurged real money on pretty much just for pictures, although I'm hopeful that once the weather turns cold one or the other will take a liking to it.

Despite my remnant's generous size - more than enough to cover the width of the bed - the depth wasn't quite there, so I had to do some post-processing magic to hide the strip of brown bed that was showing in the back.

Next time I'll put a piece of crushed velvet underneath my sparkly velvet, to hide the rest of the bed.

You Had Me At 'Hello'
Playboy Zachary

You Had Me At 'Hello'
Better luck tomorrow, Henry

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