Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Master At Work

It's Manipulated Monday...

The Master At Work
Ghostly Zachary

Slightly Less Manipulated Zachary...

The Master At Work

The Master At Work

The Master At Work

Dog Blog Post #1842

He didn't miss a single toss!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1349. "Look Up"

Our Daily Challenge - July 12, 2015 - "Up In the Air"

And Then There's Henry...

Catching Cookies
Henry NOT Catching Cookies

I don't think the poor guy managed to catch a single Cookie tossed his way, today.

Thankfully, Zachary was in the other room so it didn't really matter.

Henry would try, miss, then stay right where he was while I retrieved the errant Cookie and handed it to him.

Toss, miss, repeat.

As you can see, the LOCATION of the toss clearly isn't the problem.

In fact, most of today's Cookies bounced right off his (closed) muzzle.

I think the pup just doesn't open his mouth fast enough.

Probably not a surprise.

Henry tends to go at his own pace.

Either that or he likes to watch me retrieve the Cookies.


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Unknown said...

That's okay Henry, Haley couldn't catch treats very well either when she was younger.

Your Dog; Mind and Body said...

Catching is highly overrated.

jen said...

Hahaha! Henry reminds me of Leroy!