Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ok guys, run off to the costume box and pick out something in a "Vintage Style" to wear.

Time Passes...

Vintage Costumes

Umm.... yeah.

Did you coordinate while choosing your costumes?

Vintage Costumes
Zachary: (mumble mumble mumble)
Henry: (siiiiiiigh)


Okay... everybody smile for the camera...

Vintage Costumes

Good enough.

Dog Blog Post #1843

I asked the boys to pick out some Vintage Style costumes for tonight's shoot.

Apparently the guys weren't on the same wavelength.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1351. "Vintage Style"

Our Daily Challenge - July 14, 2015 - "Opposites"

Henry: "Donald Duck is most definitely Vintage."
Zachary: "Pfththththth"

Editor's Note: Flickr is apparently still fiddling with the HTML code wrapping the images.

For grins and giggles, I've left the new code in tonight to see what happens.

I *think* it's going to cause the images title and the Flickr brand to appear over the image if you over over it.

I think.

If something truly bad happens then I'll rip the new code (and this Editor's Note) off the page.

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Kari Neumeyer said...

Love the Mickey ears! Such dapper dogs, these two.

Karen said...

I love these! You can never go wrong with Disney,.

The Daily Pip said...

Love the Mickey Mouse ears. They bring back all kinds of memories.

Your Dog; Mind and Body said...

Both vintage, just different. Very nice!

The Diamond Dogs said...

Cute choices nonetheless boys! :)


Ruth said...

Henry and Zachary are so expressive, it's hilarious. Even better with hats! :)