Saturday, July 11, 2015

Momma's Helpers

Listen guys, if you want me to get to the Pet Store for more Cookies, you're going to need to help out with the cleaning.

How about taking over the vacuuming, OK?

Momma's Helpers
Zachary: "Seriously?"


Oh... hmm... maybe not.

How about dusting the props, instead?

Momma's Helpers
Zachary: "We're on it!"
Henry: "Umm..."

Momma's Helpers
Zachary: "Just act like you know what you're doing and we can lick them clean while she's gone."
Henry: "Oh boy."

I heard that.

Momma's Helpers
Zachary: (gulp)
Henry: "We're going to starve."

Dog Blog Post #1840

I was going to have the boys help me with the vacuuming, but ended up going with Plan B, dusting the props.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1348. "Plan B"

Our Daily Challenge - July 11, 2015 - "The Household Task You Hate The Most"

When you have have two large fluffy dogs - especially one who is a constant heavy shedder (Henry, that would be you) - dusting is either a full-time job or an exercise in futility.

At least with vacuuming you get the pleasure of hauling the full bag out to the garbage knowing that you accomplished something.

To be honest, I have a narrow plastic garden rake - the sort you use to get the leaves out from under small shrubs - and I first rake the carpet before I vacuum it.

This not only saves on vacuum bags (else I would fill one per week) but keeps the countless bits of shredded cardboard boxes* (eh hem... looking at you again, Henry) from clogging up the machine.

Momma's Helpers
Henry: "You missed a spot."

* an "Enrichment activity" - We toss all our empty cardboard boxes (cereal, Cookie, cracker, soda... etc) boxes into the boys' toy basket. When the boys get in a destructive mood, they can pull one out and rip it shreds. Or play keep-away. Or just haul it around the house (because they are Golden Retrievers and Golden Retrievers do that sort of thing).

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Furries said...

I had one Golden who was not a heavy shedder and still had fur-bunnies everywhere. Your two fluffy boys must shed a small animal worth of fur every week.
Henry sure was giving you some cute expressions today.